The New York Times explores "Norway the Slow Way"

Hurtigruten"To study the Norwegian coast, with hundreds of thousands of islands, is like studying the country's metaphorical DNA," the New York Times states in a feature article about Norway. With the title "Norway the Slow Way," American author Reif Larsen tells his story about his family's journey up the Norwegian coastline to find the apartment where his grandfather Harry Irgens Larsen was born and lived. 


Larsen uses his search for his grandfather's home town as a starting point for his travel up north towards the land of the midnight sun, Kirkenes, with Hurtigruten's cruise ship MS Trollfjord. 

The New York Times has devoted a big section of the online paper to the interactive feature article, which also turns out to be great advertising for Norway. 

"To study the Norwegian coast, with hundreds of thousands of island, is like studying the country's metaphorical DNA. It is unique, it is eternally complex, and it is the fingerprint of a nation," Larsen writes. 

Director of Tourism in Visit Trondheim, Line Vikrem-Rosmæl, is very pleased with the feature.

"This is great. We have already seen a growth in the number of American tourists to our city, and I think it will have a positive effect that we get this kind of a review. It is important to our marketing to get these kinds of articles," she tells Dagbladet. 

CEO of the coastal cruise line Hurtigruten, Daniel Skjeldam, is also very happy with the piece, and thinks it will help boost people's interest in Hurtigruten in the U.S. "It paints a beautiful picture of our coastline and out incredible nature. This is good advertisement for us and for Norway," Skjeldam says.


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