International Baptist Church

We are a long-established international community church meeting near Sandvika, just southwest of Oslo.  All nationalities are heartily welcome, whether temporarily or permanently living in Norway...........

The Norwegian Lutheran Mission

God has bound his salvation to a certain message–the gospel. Still there are many who have yet not heard the message–they need to hear it! This is our calling. This is our mission.

Tibetmisjonen !

We are an organization with a mission from God to share the testimony about Jesus with the people in the Himalayan region. We are workers that carry with us the mission about Jesus through our work, what we say and what we do in our daily life.

Catholic Church in Norway

The history of the Catholic Church in Norway is as old as the kingdom itself, going back till about 900 A.D., with Christian monarchs from 930. The country was finally converted after the death of the king St. Olav (+ 1030.

The Mosaic Religious Community

The service in the synagogue of Oslo follows the Ashkenazi Orthodox tradition. The services are led by the cantor and we have a small choir. Most of the melodies have been introduced by the various cantors from Israel over the last twenty years, and are thus well known also to our visitors from abroad.

The Norwegian seamen’s churches

Travelling around the world is an exciting and - at times - exotic experience. Whether it is business, tourism, studies or expatriation: the corners of the world are increasingly accessable to more and more people. And still:
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