Budgetary disagreements on overtime

The political coalition government saved last years budget by agreement on a tax reorganization in 2017, providing "significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions."  Already weeks before the state budget was submitted,
the Government presented the proposal for green tax shift with increases in petrol and diesel taxes by 15 and 35 øre. Compensatory measures was to be annual fees, higher deduction for commuters and lower higway tarrifs, ensuring
that motorists collectively came oyt even or better.  Meanwhile, the government made it clear that this was as far as they were willing to go. The Left and Christian Democrats believe the proposal is not even close to living
up to the budget agreement, demanding that the partners also negotiate about this part of the state budget. The deadline for the 2017 budget was November 24'th. The coaltion partners need to
agree on the budget by Desember 5'th, when it is to be discussed and voted on.
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