Destination Holmenkollen...

Destination Holmenkollen has a unique offering of accommodations, activities and events. Destination Holmenkollen is the total experience on the top of Oslo!


As a nomadic tribe the sami people never had the opportunity to produce jewellery by theirselves. An exception was jewellery made of pewter. This metal is so easy to work with that the Sami could draw wire which they used to embroider skin and cloth.

Visit North Cape...

North of Alta, less than an hour`s drive from the E6 - the main highway to the North Cape and Lakselv, you will find the small community Komagfjord with its unique nature experiences.

Kirkenes !

Destination Kirkenes is a network of companies offering adventure activities in the area of Kirkenes. We take you as close to the Russian border as you can get without trespassing.

Visit Arctic Air...

Arctic Air is the small and friendly airline, localized way up north, close to the North Pole, The Russian Siberia and the Taiga. We are fighting extreme weather conditions in the wintertime, but safely we take you home to your destination.

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