About DIS-Norge

DIS-Norway is the country's largest association for genealogists, with nearly 9000 members.  DIS-Norway was founded on January 12, 1990.


Looking for Viking ancestry

Experts will over the next six months DNA test a group of Norwegians to see if there are any among them who are distant relations of Vikings who settled in Northern England. 

The Sognefjordlag in America

An organization of Sogning descent living all over USA and Canada. The Sognefjordlag in America was organized on October 7. 1979 at Sugar Creek Bible Camp in Rural Ferryville, Wisconsin.


Looking for relatives in Norway. 1865 census from Rygge, domicile: Navestad. Wilhelm Michaelsen born:1849 great grandfather. Census 1900 Sandsvaer, domicile: Naes Vilhelm Navestad, Grete Olsdatter had two sons. Olaf Vilhelmsen is my grandfather, born: 1886.

The National Archives of Norway

The Digital Archive is the result of co-operation between the Dept. of History, University of Bergen, and the Regional State Archives of Bergen, part of the National State Archives.
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