Weekend Feature: Should Norway turn to Nuclear Energy?

The climatic problems facing us today may become so large that nuclear energy is again being presented as the likely solution. Norway should therefore be prepared to increase international co-operation in this field, scientists say.

Feature: May 1st - Labour Day

Today, Saturday May 1st, is Labour Day in Norway. A public holiday filled with different meanings and emotions, - depending on where you are from,- and who you are.

Read how a former Norway Post staff member, from the US, experienced his first Labour Day in Norway a few years back:

Weekend Feature: Norwegians understand Nordic languages best

Norwegians understand Danish and Swedish better than the Danes and Swedes understand Norwegian and each other. This assertion is now a proven fact, according to a study by the Nordic Language Council of the comprehension by matriculation students.

Weekend Feature: New hope for Dyslexics

A brand new computer program has recently been developed in Norway designed to survey pupils' reading difficulties. It is the result of several years research carried out by Professor Torleiv Hoien at the Dyslexia Research Foundation.

Weekend Feature: Violent reminder of war

The west coast town of Voss was reminded of its history this week, as an unexploded bomb from the Second World War was uncovered in the middle of the town centre. The bomb was found several meters under the main street, Vangsgata, in front of one of the only wooden structures still found in the town centre.

Weekend Feature: A Russian invitation to the Arctic

Scientific studies in the Arctic are gaining importance, in particular with regard to its crucial role in the ongoing global climatic changes. Norwegian polar researchers will soon spend several months along with Russian colleagues on a research station located on a large ice floe in the Arctic Basin.(Ill: Svalbard map)
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