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Norway's finest poem

Norwegian state broadcaster NRK recently asked its listeners/viewers to select "Norway's finest poem through the ages".

The winner was the poem "Det er den draumen" ("It was a dream") by the poet Olav H.Hauge (1908-1994) .

Here follows a translation into English of the poem, which was first published in 1966.

It was a dream

We all carry with us this dream:

that something wonderful will happen,

that it must happen -

that time will open,

that the heart will open,

that doors will open,

that cliffs will be opened,

that springs will well forth,

that the dream will be opened,

- that we one peaceful morning will glide in -

onto a bay we had not been aware of.

(Author Olav H.Hauge)

Translated for The Norway Post by

Rolleiv Solholm, Chief Editor

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